Saturday, June 25, 2011

Electronica + Acid Jazz + Hip-Hop =

 "Wonderland was created just like a short cut movie, 
with a taste of adventure, in a dream land hosted by 
an elegant cat, in a short 24h time." - Teru

Last night, rather serendipitously, I came upon a guy who goes by the name Dandy Teru and a few clicks later I was delightfully introduced to Massive Suits Quartet. According to his facebook page he is interested in music, women, and suits...already my type of character. Beyond that, the most I have been able to find out about him is that he is a French producer and self-proclaimed dandy that performed, produced, and mixed the music that you are about to hear. Teru described Massive Suit Quartet's work as "creating sounds with jazz breaks, samples, piano keys, and arranements science"..."with a touch of romanticism, elegance, and drama". This one is called "Costume".

Massive Suits Quartet - Costume

You can listen to all 4 tracks of the album online for free or pay €4 (~$6) and download them.

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